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Project Work - December - "Christmas is in the air...."

Theme: Christmas is in the Air
The British Christmas

Christmas in England is all about Red and Green. The houses are decorated with pine branches, holly and mistletoe, garnished with red and silver trimmed tape.
At the chimney a red boot waits to be filled with various goodies and gifts for the whole family by Santa Claus, the British Father Christmas.
A real or artificial tree decorated with Christmas lights, candy canes and ornaments is placed in a special place of the home (normally the living-room).

Christmas is an opportunity to gather the whole family. At Christmas dinner they eat Turkey or, if it is in the South, a large ham served with a lot of vegetables.
The Christmas dinner is preceded by an eggnog and the Christmas pudding. The eggnog is a cocktail made of egg, milk and whisky, which is served on every home before Christmas dinner.
No matter where they are celebrating Christmas, the British always eat Christmas pudding on Christmas dinner.

The British Christmas Symbols:

·       The Christmas tree

·       The mistletoe

·       The Christmas boot

·       The Christmas pudding

·       The Eggnog


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(O trabalho foi inteiramente executado pelos alunos do grupo. Não houve qualquer intervenção do professor - nem na correção de erros!)

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