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Verb To be - past simple

Types os houses - 5th year

Carrega na imagem e faz o Download para o teu computador.

The main types of houses in England are:

  • Detached
  • Semi-detached
  • Terrace
  • Flats (apartments)

Houses come in all shapes and sizes and vary from one part of the country to the next. We have houses which are more than 500 years old as well as brand new houses.

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Rooms in a house

House + rooms + furniture - games and exercises!!

Here is a picture of a boy's bedroom. Can you paint the things in the room the right colours? Listen and paint!

Think about your home, what rooms can you find there? Practise the names of rooms in English with this activity.

FURNITURE - Look at the picture - can you spell the word? Burst the right balloons when they go past!

Boa brincadeira e ... Bom estudo! ;)

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Printables - houses- rooms - furniture

Vocabulary Worksheet - faz o download  e imprime AQUI!
Worksheet 2 - Types of houses

Worksheet 3
Furniture - worksheet 4 - AQUI!

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o que estudar para o teste de grammar - 6ºano

Caros alunos,
neste teste sai toda a gramática que demos desde o início do ano letivo... (até aqui nenhuma novidade não é?!)

Então estudem muito bem, entre tudo o resto:
- verbos: To be, to have got, there to be
      - Present Simple de todos os verbos;
      - Gerund
       - Present Continuous
                                                                                                               bom estudo :)

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o que estudar para o teste de grammar - 5ºano

para o teste têm de estudar toda a gramática que demos desde o início do ano letivo. Como já tinha dito!!!
Ou seja,
- Verb to be;
- Verb to Have Got;
- Verb There to be;
- Possessive 's /'
- this/that/these/those
- Subject Pronouns (I;YOU; HE;SHE....)
- Possessive Adjectives (MY; YOURS; HIS....)
- articles: a/an
- Preposition of place.

Bom estudo :)

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correction of the RC test

Correction of the test:

2 – True/False

2.1 False – Emma’s surname is Woodward.

2.2 False – Emma isn’t from Lisbon.

2.3 False – Emma is on a school exchange trip.

2.4 False – Lisbon is a great city.

2.5 False- Gabriel is tall and good-looking.

2.6 False – Gabriel has got black hair and brown eyes.

2.7 False – Marcelino is six months old.


3.1 Emma is in Lisbon – in Portugal.

3.3 She is staying with a Portuguese family in Lisbon.

3.4 She is learning Portuguese.

3.5Gabriel is fifteen years old.

3.6 They are organizing a surprise birthday party for Gabriel.

3.7 She is wrapping presents for Gabriel.

3.8 Gabriel is playing football with his friends.

3.9 No, he isn’t. Bianca is making a cake.

3.10 There are three children in her host family.

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Poet of the Month - February

Shel Silverstein (1930 - 1999)
Shel Silverstein
"I know a way to stay friends forever, There's really nothing to it, I tell you what to do, And you do it."

Poet of the month - February

Matthew Arnold (1822 - 1888)
Matthew Arnold

"Greatness is a spiritual condition."
"Journalism is literature in a hurry."
"Culture is properly described as the love of perfection; it is a study of perfection."