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Possessive Pronouns and Adjectives (6th year)

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My school

My School

My name is Mary Jones and i?m a student at St Anne's School in Scottland. St Anne's is a very big school.
There are 1200 students and 42 teachers.
The school has got 30 classrooms and a big swimming pool. Our classroom is quite big. There are a lot of posters on the walls.
I'm in Year 6. There are 14 girls and 17 boys in my class. My two best friends are Sandra and Louise. Sandra's got long red hair and green eyes. Louise is quite tall. She's got short brown hair and brown eyes.
Our teacher is Miss Clark. She's very strict but she's a very good teacher.

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Prepositions of place - in, on, at


Prepositions of place : at, on, in
In general, we use:
  • at for a POINT
  • in for an ENCLOSED SPACE
  • on for a SURFACE
at the cornerin the gardenon the wall
at the bus stopin Londonon the ceiling
at the doorin Franceon the door
at the top of the pagein a boxon the cover
at the end of the roadin my pocketon the floor
at the entrancein my walleton the carpet
at the crossroadsin a buildingon the menu
at the front deskin a caron a page


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school subjects - printable worksheet with key!

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School Subjects - 5th year

Vocabulary - School Subjects

Learn / Revise the vocabulary related to school subjects with the following activities :
1) Learn the vocabulary,
2) Match the words with the pictures,
3) Match the pictures with the sounds,
4) Do a crossword !
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school subjects - online exercises

Exercícios online- cliquem nas imagens e toca a trabalhar!


mais um exercício...

Aqui fica o último exercício online (este com música!) ;)

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school subjects

Do you like Maths? What time do you have Science? Practice your school timetable.

(duas páginas com exercícios...uma para ligar as legendas às imagens e na página 2 - têm um timetable (horário))

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School - subjects, objects, places, classroom language (review)

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School objects from eoi.soraya