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Christmas - Short Story

My Favourite Day - Christmas story

December 25th is Christmas Day. We celebrate Christmas in the United Kingdom. It's a holiday for most people, and there are lots of customs and traditions, and children get lots of presents!

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thanksgiving day - origins

In 1620, the pilgrims sailed from England to America on the Mayflower. The first Winter in America was hard for the pilgrimsThe Native Americans taught the pilgrims to grow corn and catch fish. After the harvest of 1621, the pilgrims and the Native American had a three day celebration with lots of food and games.


Native American

Para o teste...

Tal como já vos tinha alertado, para o teste devem estudar toda a matéria até à Unidade 2 ( inclusive).
O teste tem 1 texto com perguntas de interpretação, exercício de vocabulário, gramática ( verbos to be, to have got, there to be + present continuou + plural) e finalmente uma composição.
Estudem e levem as dúvidas para a próxima aula,
Bjnhs e have a nice weekend

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thanksgiving day - worksheet

Clicar e imprimir!

Present Continuous - Games

With this board game, learners will practise the PRESENT CONTINUOUS in an enjoyable way. Every square provides a picture clue (focus on SPORTS and daily routine). Every time a correct answer is given, the game can be used as a communicative activity whereby players ask each follow-up questions.
Let´s make learning fun!
Click on the image, play and learn about the Present Continuous (or Present Progressive).

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thanksgiving day - games

Thanksgiving Memory game

Present Continuous - Como se forma?

Explicação (simples) e alguns exercícios!

(explicação mais completa e aprofundada!)

Present Continuous - regras


1.No geral acrescenta-se –ing. ex: read -> reading

2. No caso de verbos terminados em –e retiramos o –e e acrescentamos –ing. Ex: dance -> dancing

3.No caso de verbos que terminam em t, p, m ou n precedidos de uma só vogal, dobramos a consoante e acrescentamos –ing.

Ex: stop -> stopping     // Swim -> swimming //       run -> running   // admit -> admitting

Nota: No caso de verbos terminados em –el, dobramos a consoante e acrescentamos –ing.

Ex: travel -> travelling

4. No caso de verbos que terminam em –ie, estes mudam para –y, antes de acrescentarmos –ing.

Ex: die – dying  // lie – lying // tie – tying

NOW – AT THE MOMENT -> P. Continuous

Present Simple or Present Continuous?! exercises.

There are two types of exercises: multiple choice and gap-filling. 
1- In the first one, students choose the right option to build affirmative and negative sentences in the present continuous/ look at the pictures and fill in the gaps with the present continuous. 
2-In the second exercise, there are 24 sentences students have to complete with the present continuous or the present simple.

3- Students listen to the song Lemon Tree by Fool´s Garden and fill the gaps with the present participle they hear. There are 2 more tasks on Present Continuous tense (including special cases).

4- This Online Exercise is for practising the two present tenses - simple & continuous. Lots of multiple choice practice suitable for elementary/low-intermediate students (based on my Ws I downloaded some time ago). Hope you like and find it useful!

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Present Continuous - review - interactive exercises

Simple exercises to review the Present Continuous tense. 



(advanced 2)

(advanced 3)

Present Continuous - some online activities

Present Continuous Activities

online cloze exercise: at the airport
Here are a few activities for you to practice the present continuous. This one here is a fill-in-the-gap exercise. Use the present simple or the present continuous.Click here to begin.


3 exercises Present Continuous3 exercises to learn Present Continuous Level: elementary

PRESENT CONTINUOUSStudents complete the sentences with the PRESENT CONTINUOUS. Hope it`s useful! Level: intermediate
Author:Rosario Pacheco

The present continuous TenseThese exercises will help to practice the Present Continuous Tense. Level: elementary

Avril Lavigne´s Things I´ll Never SayA popular song for a short listening exercise on present continuous Level: elementary
Present ContinuousThis exercise will help the student to practice the present continuous. It include some exercises with (verbs+ing). Level: elementary
Author:Elizabeth Ruiz

Review -ing form some exercises to review or check if your pupils have acquire the present continuous and the -ing formation Level: elementary

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thanksgiving - worksheet + bingo + tale + easy game

(mais difícil)


(3 jogos numa só folha - muito fácil!)

Powerpoint + animated thanksgiving


Clica na imagem - vais gostar!!!!

Livro interativo com a HISTÓRIA ORIGINAL DO THANKSGIVING!(basta clicar e ouvir...)

Present Continuous - explicação (video)

Clica na imagem e faz download no teu computador!
English - The Present Continuous Tense