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daily routine - vocabulary 5th year

 Daily Rotine

Action verbs
 Wake up

 Get up

Have a shower

Get dressed

Have breakfast

Pick up my schoolbag

Kiss my ….. goodbye

Leave home at

Walk to school

It’s a ….minutes’ walk

Walk to the bus station

My…. drives me there.

Get to school at

Start classes at

Have a midmorning break at

Have a midmorning meal

Eat … and drink…

Go the playground to… Stay at the pupils’ room to

Start double classes at…

Have lunch at …

Come back after lunch

Start classes at…

Have a mid -afternoon break

Finish school at

Go back home by …

Walk back home

Arrive home at

Eat…or drink…

Relax for a while

Go to a sports centre to…

Watch TV till

Do my homework from …to…

Have dinner with

Watch TV for …

Go to my bedroom

Pack up

Put on my pyjamas

Clean my teeth

Go to bed

                        Have a good night sleep !
Partilhado pela prof Rosário Barros :)

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