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correction of the RC test

Correction of the test:

2 – True/False

2.1 False – Emma’s surname is Woodward.

2.2 False – Emma isn’t from Lisbon.

2.3 False – Emma is on a school exchange trip.

2.4 False – Lisbon is a great city.

2.5 False- Gabriel is tall and good-looking.

2.6 False – Gabriel has got black hair and brown eyes.

2.7 False – Marcelino is six months old.


3.1 Emma is in Lisbon – in Portugal.

3.3 She is staying with a Portuguese family in Lisbon.

3.4 She is learning Portuguese.

3.5Gabriel is fifteen years old.

3.6 They are organizing a surprise birthday party for Gabriel.

3.7 She is wrapping presents for Gabriel.

3.8 Gabriel is playing football with his friends.

3.9 No, he isn’t. Bianca is making a cake.

3.10 There are three children in her host family.

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