sexta-feira, janeiro 18

My day

I usually Wake up at seven o’clock, then I get up and have breakfast. I always Brush my teeth and have a shower. I frequently make my bed before I go to school.

At eight o’clock I go to school, with my mother, by car.

I have classes from half past eight to half past one.

After I have lunch in the school canteen with my friends.

At two o’clock I have tennis lessons, then I go home and do my homeworks.

I often tidy my bedroom after having a brunch and then I put the rubbish out.

From a quarter to five until six o’clock I watch TV and surf the net.

Before dinner I lay the table and I help my mother with the cooking.

I have dinner at eight o’clock and later I help with the washing up.

I brush my teeth and I go to bed at a quarter to ten. I never sleep before eleven o’clock.


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