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Daily routines (time review)

Daily Routines Vocabulary:

You can save and print the pictures with the daily routine vocabulary.  Later, you can glue each one on the worksheet below with the time you do that activity.
Review telling time here: http://www.maths-games.org/time-games.html
Play this fun/interactive board game with Willy the Watchdog (telling time) http://www.harcourtschool.com/activity/willy/willy.html
Daily Routine Games!!
-Listen to the words and repeat.  This game’s got matching, dictation and fill in the blanks:
What do you do everyday?  Listen to the questions and respond : “Yes, always” OR “No, never”
DOWNLOABABLE WORKSHEETS- Daily Routines (These four worksheets are in order by difficulty, the first one being the easiest)


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