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Saint Valentine's Day

As you know, on February 14 we celebrate Saint Valentine's Day. I want you, my students, to express your feelings to your friends, boyfriends, girlfriends or even teachers. 
You are encouraged to make a Saint Valentine's card and hand it in before February 15. Remember to do it in English, you can include a poem, a quote, etc.

valentines day cards

valentines day cards

To My Valentine Ellen Clapsaddle Valentines Day

Love Proverb:

Love me little, love me long,

Is the burden of my song.

I love you now, and come what may,

I'll always love you night and day.

Love Poem


by K. Uniacke
I am a little Cupid,
And I come to visit thee,
To tell you that I love you,
And to know if you love me.

And if you'll be my little wife,
And come along with me,
I'll take you to a lovely place,
And pretty flowers you'll see.

Friendship poem 

A Smile

The thing that goes the farthest
Toward making life worth while,
That costs the least and does the most,
Is just a pleasant smile."

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