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Present Continuous - some online activities

Present Continuous Activities

online cloze exercise: at the airport
Here are a few activities for you to practice the present continuous. This one here is a fill-in-the-gap exercise. Use the present simple or the present continuous.Click here to begin.


3 exercises Present Continuous3 exercises to learn Present Continuous Level: elementary

PRESENT CONTINUOUSStudents complete the sentences with the PRESENT CONTINUOUS. Hope it`s useful! Level: intermediate
Author:Rosario Pacheco

The present continuous TenseThese exercises will help to practice the Present Continuous Tense. Level: elementary

Avril Lavigne´s Things I´ll Never SayA popular song for a short listening exercise on present continuous Level: elementary
Present ContinuousThis exercise will help the student to practice the present continuous. It include some exercises with (verbs+ing). Level: elementary
Author:Elizabeth Ruiz

Review -ing form some exercises to review or check if your pupils have acquire the present continuous and the -ing formation Level: elementary

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