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Lewis Carroll


Lewis Carroll

"The proper definition of 'Man' is an animal that writes letters."


Warrington, England


Rugby; Christ Church, Oxford (mathematics)

Other jobs

Logician; he was ordained as a deacon but took his religious career no further.

Did you know?

Carroll invented his pen name by translating his first two names, Charles Ludwidge, into the Latin 'Carolus Lodovicus' and then anglicising it into 'Lewis Carroll'.

Critical verdict

Alice's popularity used to be explained by the fact that, unlike so much Victoriana, the books were pure, amoral enjoyment - a position somewhat belied by the multiplicity of critical interpretations of Carroll (and confused by the accusations of paedophilia). While they are obviously not 'just' children's books, there's little agreement on what else they might be. Political (the Red Queen as Queen Victoria)? Freudian? Narcotic? Simply bizarre (one critical work, The Agony of Lewis Carroll, consisted entirely of searching Carroll's corpus for smutty anagrams)?

Recommended works

The Alice books; The Hunting of the Snark


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