sábado, novembro 12

show and tell november

My mother:
My mother is small, medium size and middle-aged. She has got medium-length, straight black hair and big almond brown eyes. Her mouth is big and her face is oval with freckles. She is friendly, funny, talkative, patient and happy.

My father:
My father is medium-height, medium size and middle-aged. His face is oval, his nose is big and his mouth is small. He has got brown eyes and short grey hair. He is good- looking. He is active, calm and patient.

My best friend:
My best friend is Maggie. She is young, thin and tall. She has got long light brown hair.  Her face is oval and her nose and mouth are normal.  She has got big brown eyes. She is active, outgoing and funny.

Ana M. 6ºA

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